School Counseling Services

Welcome! My name is Mrs. Josef and I am the school counselor for all of the K-5 students here at Gossler Park. I am here to help you and your student(s) feel safe, comfortable and successful at our school, and will help in any way I can. Our  school counseling program provides education, prevention, and intervention services. As a school counselor, my role is not to provide therapy/ mental health counseling but assist in recommending appropriate community resources and services and supporting your student(s) in acquiring the skills necessary to navigate their school experience successfully at their appropriate developmental level(s). Early detection and intervention is essential in removing barriers to learning and in promoting academic achievement. Referrals can come from school staff members, administrators, parent, or the student him or herself.

What I do:
  • Meet with students individually and/or in small groups
  • Teach affective classroom lessons, based on NH Guidance Framework
  • Collaborate with teachers and parents in helping students
  • Help identify the needs of students and ensure appropriate interventions are in place as needed
  • Support curriculum implementation and instructional practices
  • Promote our behavior program and support a positive school climate
  • Coordinate referrals to outside agencies as needed
  • Coordinate all Section 504 plans and oversee implementation
  • Home/school coordination
  • Case manage referrals for special education building team
  • Collaborate with outside agencies as needed to support student safety

How to contact me:   or  (603) 624-6327 x12

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