Principal's Notes - Every Child Needs a Teacher to Believe in Them.

Be That One.

September 5, 2018

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to Gossler Park School. This school handbook has been created to assist you in understanding the procedures and policies of our school and those of the Manchester School District. Please read and discuss the information contained in this handbook with your child so that you will all feel comfortable at school.

Our number one goal is to provide a safe, caring and enriching academic experience for your child here at Gossler Park School. We encourage you to partake in all of the activities offered throughout the school year!

We are looking forward to an exciting 2018-2019 school year! We are in our fourth year of learning with the Leader In Me and Project Based Learning. We will be continuing to grow as leaders and embark on new student leader events. The Leader in Me is a process based on the principles and values contained in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Students, staff and parents will continue to learn about these seven principles: 1. Be Proactive, 2. Begin with the End in Mind, 3. Put First things First, 4. Think win-win, 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood, 6. Synergize and 7. Sharpen the Saw. We are hoping to build leadership capacity among all stakeholders so that our community is filled with leaders from ages 5 and up!

Project Based Learning (PBL) is way of teaching and learning. Students take a very active role in their learning and teachers become facilitators guiding children to think deeper, work cooperatively and collaboratively and be creative. Since PBL requires teachers and students to break from the traditional ways of teaching and learning, teachers will continue to receive more professional development to strengthen their knowledge of project based learning in their classrooms. Students are so much more engaged in learning when they are given choices and opportunities to be inquisitive about topics they are interested in studying!

We are looking forward to an exciting, fun and successful year! When we work together, everybody wins!!


Lori Upham