Welcome to the Gossler Park School Library


The library media center at Gossler Park Elementary School is a place where students and teachers can browse and borrow library materials, study, complete special projects, and use our computers for educational purposes. Our library media center, which is wheelchair accessible, contains over 7,000 volumes as well as videotapes, DVDs, and computer software. Our library media center currently has Windows and Macintosh computers that are connected via a high speed network to the Internet. In addition, we also have several iBooks on mobile carts for use in the classrooms.

Every year the library sponsors a book fair, usually the book fair is held in the spring during National Book Week and during parent conferences. Thank you for your support and helping your child enjoy and appreciate literature.

The goal of the Gossler Park Library Media Center is to provide an environment where students can grow intellectually and socially. To that end, the library serves as a resource for students and teachers to enhance classroom activities and learning.

Our Library Media Specialist is Ms. Moreau.

Gossler Park Elementary School's library media center is very much an instructional extension of our classrooms. The materials that are available in the library media center are chosen to support and enrich the curriculum, as well as to provide knowledge, growth, and recreational enjoyment for our students.

Students visit the library media center once a week during their class's regularly scheduled borrowing time. During their borrowing time, students are allowed to choose from a selection of fiction and nonfiction books. Of course, borrowing materials from the library media center carries with it a sense of responsibility on the part of the borrower. If a student is absent during his or her class's library time, the student may, at the teacher's discretion, come to the library the following day to exchange his or her library book. Students may also visit the library media center during one of our open periods.Students typically borrow one library book for a one week period. Students who are working on a special research project may, at the teacher's discretion, borrow a second book during a given week. Students are allowed to renew their books up to three consecutive weeks. This renewal policy gives other students an opportunity to borrow our books.Library books are school property. Therefore, it is important that each student returns his or her library book in undamaged condition on the day the book is due. If a student does not return his or her library book on the due date, then that student is not allowed to borrow another book until the overdue book is returned to our library media center. An overdue notice will be given to the student. If a library book is lost or damaged by a student, then the student is required to pay for the replacement cost of the borrowed book. If the lost book is found, the money will be refunded to the student's family. In the case of a lost or damaged book, the student is not allowed to borrow another book from the library media center until the replacement cost of the lost or damaged book is paid in full. The school principal is notified about any borrowed library materials that are overdue, lost, or damaged. Each year, our school purchases new materials for our library from a variety of funding. In addition to replacing lost and damaged materials, the library purchases titles that meet the districts curriculum that our school does not currently own. Students and staff are welcome to suggest titles to purchase.The assistance of parents and guardians will be greatly appreciated in helping our library media center to establish good student borrowing habits. Children will enjoy sharing their library books with you. Developing reading skills as well as an appreciation of libraries will become much more significant to your children if you are part of their reading experience.

Questions regarding our library media center's borrowing policy can be address to our School Librarian, Assistant Principal, or School Principal.