Title One

Gossler Park School 2014-2015

Manchester School District Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy

The Manchester School District, in partnership with families and the community, encourages and assists all children to reach their fullest potential to become lifelong learners. Children's success depends on an active partnership between school staff and families since neither can do the job alone. In order to set expectations of excellence for every child, we offer educational opportunities which provide challenging content, promote children's enthusiasm for learning, and enlist the help of families and community to achieve success for all children.

Families are diverse in culture and language. Parents share the school's commitment to the educational success of their children. The District and it’s schools, in collaboration with parents, shall establish programs and practices that enhance school, family, and community partnerships and reflect the specific needs of students and their families.

The school, family and community partnership will be comprehensive and coordinated in nature. It will include, but not be limited to, the following components of successful parent involvement programs:

A Parent Advisory Committee, comprised of district wide Title 1 parents and staff, will meet regularly each year. This committee shall ensure that Title 1 programs, activities and practices are planned and implemented with meaningful consultation between parents of participating children.

The Committee will meet annually with the District Title 1 Director to review and evaluate this Policy and revise it, as needed.

The Committee will share best practices in family involvement and identify barriers to parental participation remaining sensitive to the diverse needs of families.

The District will ensure that Title 1 schools carry out Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy requirements:

· Each school will develop a school Title 1 policy, compact, and plan in consultation with Title 1 parents or adopt the District Title 1 Policy.

· Each school will provide grade level curriculum guides to families.

· Each school will hold an annual meeting to explain the Title 1program, to help parents understand the school's curriculum and assessment, and review the Title 1 plan.

· Each school's Title 1 plan will include how parent involvement will be integrated into the educational plan of the school by following the Joyce Epstein “Six Types of Parent Involvement Model for School, Family and Community Partnerships.”

· Communication with families will be clear, two-way, and in a format that parents will understand, to the extent possible.

"Parents" and "Family" refer to all care giving and guardianship relationships.