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Gossler Park School Parent Teacher Group

Welcome to the Gossler Park Elementary Parent Teacher Group (PTG). All parents, teachers, and guardians of enrolled students at Gossler are automatically members of the PTG. This group would not function if not for the involvement of yourself and the school staff. Involvement could be as little as helping out at the ice cream social once a year or becoming involved with the planning and coordinating of all the different events throughout the year. The choice is yours. We have opportunities for anyone and everyone to be involved!

You may not realize how vital the PTG is for the school. Your PTG raises funds to provide gym and playground equipment, classroom supplies, library books, teacher incentives and many other needed items to help with your child’s learning and developmental needs. The PTG also funds most of the social events throughout the year for the students and their families. There are many "behind the scene" activities PTG volunteers help with, such as counting BOX TOPS, obtaining donations for events, painting signs, oversee crafts or games at school events, photocopying for the staff and many other miscellaneous tasks. PTG volunteers also organize and run the popcorn, concessions and bake sales throughout school year.

Volunteers Wanted!!!!!!!!!

Our P.T.G. is looking for parent volunteers to help with various school activities. It would only be a few hours a month of your time and children and the staff would be very appreciative. We're also looking for some parents to serve on the P.T.G. Leadership Team. We meet once a month to discuss various issues and plan events and we encourage all parents to try to attend. We are always open to new ideas for increasing parental involvement, raising funds to support more school activities, and encouraging better school/parent communication. This is all done to help our children Gossler Park.

Anyone interested in volunteering some of their time on a weekly or "when ever" possible basis, please contact the P.T.G. with your availability. Give your name and telephone number to one of the P.T.G. Board Members or Ms. Upham. Any help would be greatly appreciated by the P.T.G. members, teachers and the students of Gossler Park School.

If you are interested in learning more or becoming involved:

Phone: 624-6327

Email :

Areas To Help Support Our School Are:

    • Popcorn Fridays 8-10am (weekly)

    • Spirit Shop (weekly)

    • Birthday Books 1st Wednesday of the month 8-9am

    • Harvest Crafts and Movie Night

    • Holiday Raffle Wednesday,

PTG Meeting :

**Please NOTE: City Year provides childcare in the gym for the hour-long meeting**

Please visit the Gossler Park School Parent Teacher Group web page to learn more about activities and events at our school. Interested in volunteering? Contact our school office at 624-6327.

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