Student takes part in learning during the Extended School Year program in Manchester School District

Manchester School District’s summer learning programs are in full swing! Over the last week, we’ve been highlighting our programs, which include several new offerings. Today, we’re focusing on the Extended School Year program.

MANCHESTER – Unlike some of Manchester School District’s other summer learning opportunities, the Extended School Year program is typically built based on a student’s individualized education program (IEP). 

The District runs the half-day program for all grade levels, with younger students at Jewett Street School and older students at Memorial High School. Program director Amanda Egan said that across all grade levels, around 175 students attend the program every day. Egan said those students are identified during the school year for this additional support.

“Case managers will go through to see which students need support through the summer – what's going to keep them at their same level, so they don't slide backward,” Egan said. “That gets added to their IEP with goals that are specific for the summer.”

The elementary-level program runs from 8:30 am-noon while the secondary-level program runs from 7:45-11:15 am. Egan said that students don’t necessarily attend for the full time each day.

“They have different services that they come here for, and while some come for the full program, others come for just services such as speech, OT, PT, or maybe just academic tutoring,” Egan said. 

The typical day for a student includes breakfast, a morning meeting with their teacher, some focused learning time, and a bit of recreational time. 

“The goal is that through the program, they are maintaining consistency by going to school and continuing to receive their services,” Egan said. “And they know that school is a safe place and a place for learning, even during the summer.”

The program staff includes many district staff members working as teachers and paraprofessionals. 

“There are teachers who try really hard to come with their own students, which is really nice because it maintains that consistency that these students need,” Egan said. 

Egan gave lots of credit to the hard work of those classroom staff members, administrative assistants and the assistant directors of the programs, Kaitlyn McManus and Stacey Edgar. The Extended School Year program finishes up its four week run this Friday.